The time has come for us to renew our memberships for 2014. While there are many great benefits that the national Club offers, the resounding comment from the vast majority of our members is that the local Club events and the friendships are most important to them. Our So Cal Officers and Board of Directors want you to know that our members are most important to us and that we are working very hard to ensure that every member will continue to receive the high level of excellence that they have grown accustomed to in the past from the So Cal Viper Club. There are growing concerns over the current national VCA’s status and we are continually monitoring and collecting facts. We have set forth a definitive plan to protect our members and our region. This plan was developed in accordance with our club bylaws and insures that our club will remain unified at a national level. We greatly appreciate your support and vote of confidence in our region’s officers and directors and sincerely hope that every member renews their membership DIRECTLY with the Southern California Viper Club. This is the only way we can protect every member and guarantee that they will be aligned with us.

Our Board of Directors has been working every week researching the National Clubs. We have completed Question and Answer sessions with both National Clubs and will soon be issuing our findings and recommendations to the membership.

Please take a moment to renew your membership directly with the Southern California Viper Club by using the following Renewal Form