Las Vegas – May 2-5, 2018

Get pumped! It’s now 1 year away from the largest Viper gathering on the planet! The next National Viper Event (NVE) will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 2-5, 2018!

We’re way ahead of the curve on planning. We have some very new things we’ll be doing this time around, and have incorporated the top trending input we received when doing our last NVE survey. As you know, we build these events as vacations, in places you should not miss – Las Vegas is probably among the top places for events like these. And given that we’re exactly 1 year away – we thought it would be nice to give you a (rather detailed) glimpse on what to expect…

For those coming early, we’ll be planning to open up sooner than before and do some early registrations (and the VOA store will also likely be open). We’ve also arranged early parking for big rigs at the track! And along with the usual VOA registration packet, we will again forgo a cheap goodie bag, but instead invest in a significant gift for everyone who attends. You know how we do it!

Welcome Reception
Are you tired of stuffy dinner gatherings? We’re going to do a first for any Viper club – an outdoor, evening welcome reception, on the BEACH! You heard right. The VOA has bought out the entire property’s outdoor area which includes a massive manmade beach. Picture the perfect evening weather, in shorts or jeans, good music in the back ground, evening lights, beach side dinner, and then walking along the water’s edge as the wave pool kicks up relaxing waves in the background.

Mega Cruise Day
We’re going BIG! This day we’re going to cruise with our entire group in one of the longest line of Vipers in history to one of the best places in NV to see the Red Rock country. After our morning, we will then head to a place almost none of you have ever visited (especially in this way). We have bought out the entire Wayne Newton property… called Casa De Shenandoah. We’re going to have open and unprecedented access to everything on the property – and it’ll be only VOA members. Here you’ll witness Wayne’s horse stables and training grounds (and we’ll have trainers there working with them), car collection, museum, exotic animal collection, and more. We’ll also have full access to his entire mansion. We will even have open access to get into his Jet plane. We’ll also have some interesting Viper candy to look at while we have lunch under the open skies on his sprawling 55 acre estate. It doesn’t end there, if we’re lucky, we may just have a very special guest join us…

We are again doing a first and going big – we’ve rented out the entire Las Vegas Motor Speedway along with its external road course. No more having an odd half-oval with a few turns in the infield that may have been done before… We are doing the entire high-speed oval, full external road course, and what may end up being the largest autocross done in US history! We’re using the track day recipe we’ve created at past NVE’s and we’re kicking it up a notch!

The track days will span 2 days and will split the group, when you’re not on the track, we have a tour day we’ve arranged to a special landmark location that you HAVE to visit when in Vegas. This will also be well coordinated and scheduled – as it’s hard to get nearly 1000 people through there without a plan!

Dinner Banquet
This will be our grand finale. We’ll do all the usual fun things – cocktail hour, vendor showcase, shopping, etc… We’ll plan a great dinner (and this dinner will be GOOD – not just typical hotel food). We have a little entertainment planned for you, along with silent and live auctions. And this night happens to fall on Cinco De Mayo, so we’ll be celebrating more than just a great NVE.

There is so much that goes into hotel selection, and actually have few options, to host an event this size. Luckily we got the one that gave us everything we wanted. Our host hotel for NVE3 will be the Delano, the all-suite deluxe property at Mandalay Bay. We have great rates (this is a FIVE start hotel…) arranged along with a LOT of club perks and experiences that we’re going to reveal as we get closer. And of course we will also have some very special care for our cars including private parking, hired security, car wash, and more.

We’ve incorporated so much of your input, and we do observe that you’d hope for a lower price for NVE’s (but maintaining a high quality). This is a hard balance, but we aimed to fulfill that objective at the onset! As always, all registration costs go toward the event itself (a certain club had published that we make money from NVE registration and the doorprize – that is completely false – we do not, and never have). This is 100% run by volunteers (oh Lord we have a lot of folks to thank) and 100% of all registration costs are funneled into the event, that’s how we accomplish such big things – we’re lean and mean. With that said, given the Viper is going away, we won’t be doing a doorprize giveaway car, this will lower the price by over $100 per person. Also, we’ve done a number of strategic things to lower the price even further. And given the scale of attendees that we expect, and the full buyouts we’ve done (rather than pay per person), we should have a very efficient use of funds. And yes, there will be discounts for mamba members and those who register early. We plan to announce pricing shortly.

Ready To Party
As always, we aim to make this a family friendly, vacation style event, while also providing some scheduled free time. All the above, coupled with many of our usual shopping, vendors, free gifts, and other surprises – should surpass even the pickiest tastes. We’ve invested a lot of time and personal energy into putting on a show befitting the VOA, we expect that this event will be talked about for some time to come!! You know how we do it – like no one else…. Vegas will never be the same again.

We expect a large attendance given the event type and the location. To attend this event, you must be a VOA member (of course family members are part of your membership). We’ll be providing a lot of details for you WELL in advance (including car transport, parking, arrival plans, detailed itinerary, etc…). Of course, things are always subject to change, however I don’t anticipate any. We do plan to open registration a full 7-8 months before the event – you’ll have plenty of time to arrange airfare and other plans. Expect registration to open promptly in Q4 later this year!

We’ve established the NVE3 website splash page counting down to the event. Feel free to visit, and keep it on hand, as the full website will be revealed with all the nitty gritty details when registration opens. Go to!!

I’m excited for the club as there are so many details I can’t reveal. But that will happen at the appropriate time – for now, I hope I’ve provided enough of an overview to make you well aware of what’s to come. I’ll see you there my friends!

Alex Ristanovic
National President
Viper Owners Association