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Need New Tires?
Need new tires for your Gen III/IV (or V) Viper? Have we got a deal for you! Pirelli is offering VOA members
factory-direct pricing on their P ZERO and P ZERO Corsa (R-compound, street legal) Viper tires. These are the same tires that come as Original Equipment (OE) on the Gen V Viper. They also fit stock Gen III/IV wheels as well! We recently compared the Pirelli tires to the Michelin Pilot Sport 2’s on a Gen IV Viper, and the Pirellis turned in faster lap times and provided more controllable handling at the limit, both wet and dry. (See next issue of Viper Quarterly for a full report.)

VOA can save you a substantial amount on a set of tires. Not $40. Not $100, but $800! Yes, that’s right, save EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS on a set of P ZERO tires and a whopping $1350 on a set of Corsas over current tire warehouse prices! The amount you save on a set of P ZERO tires will pay for five years of MAMBA membership in VOA! Aren’t you glad you joined VOA?

PRICES (Warehouse price / Factory Direct Price)

P ZERO Front P295/30ZR18 (94Y): $346/$250
PZERO Rear P355/30ZR19 (99Y)LL: $677/$375
Set of 4 P ZEROs: $2046/$1250
(A $795+ savings)

CORSA Front P295/30ZR18 (94Y): $481/$325
CORSA Rear P355/30ZR19 (99Y)LL: $970/$450
Set of 4 CORSAs: $2902/$1550
(A $1350+ savings)