Bob Woodhouse for Woodhouse Performance and the Dodge Vipers driven by Jeff Courtney and Kuno Wittmer:

“OK Viper Nation: SUIT UP, it’s time for MOSPORT! It’s Victoria Day weekend – The Two Four” – the season opener at the world famous track near Toronto. World Challenge is the headliner for these two days, 22 and 23 May. One race on Saturday, one Sunday to make it rounds four and five of the 12 race season of World Callenge GT.

You gonna be there? Shouldn’t you be? Grab the camper and join about 30,000 other crazies in their campers that make this an Annual Crusade.

Why? You should know already but in case the family doesn’t like to camp, you don’t like to drink, or even go outside, then I’ll tell ya. There are four Dodge Vipers competing this week-end for the rights to be called “King” of MOSPORT. Up against…who else? Ron Fellows in a Corvette, the proverbial, at least up to now, self professed maybe, “common law” type, “King” of this famous track for many years. We like Ron, but he’s GOIN DOWN.

This is what our Viper strike force looks like: Fred Roberts, another Canadian like Ron, knows this track, getting steadily better in the series and has success when it rains. Jason Daskalos, he won this race last year in his white and black Dodge Viper. Jeff Courtney, always fast here, never crashes and is strong in the fourth Qtr. Kuno Wittmer, our most beloved Canuck, the guy that all bets are on, he is wicked here, has more miles on this track than a junked bread delivery truck. OK – Ron could have more miles than that, no I didn’t call him a dough boy either, it just won’t be easy, but we have reliability going for us, our Vipers and our team has been dead reliable this season, Ron popped a motor last race out, talk about an overstressed rocket, yikes, that thing scoots.

So what if it rains? (Talkin with old people, nobody remembers when it didn’t). That means the two Nissan GTR all wheel drives and the two Volvo S60 all wheel drives will RULE. Wait, don’t turn on us yet, Kuno has a bit of “junk in the trunk” when that happens. If anybody, OK Ron maybe, knows a better rain line around Mosport we don’t know about ‘em, at least somebody that can still fog a mirror. Without question, if it rains hard, those all wheel drives are gonna be tough, but give a young, incredible French Canadian a chance to hang it on the outside cliff edge of 100 mph MOSPORT corner and they will be watching Wittmer spray by in a two wheel drive Dodge Viper.

Get involved, we need you, at least know how to find live timing and scoring, or the video streaming or the TV show. Don’t make me come find you.”

-Bob Woodhouse.