Behind the scenes look at the first production Viper ACR-X on the assembly line dyno. Go to for more behind the scenes images from the Conner Ave Viper Assembly plant

Last week at the Conner Avenue factory,production began on Dodge Viper serial number ACR-X001. The ACR-X001, however, is not just any ordinary car or even ordinary Viper, as it’s poised to continue Viper’s storied racing history.

To celebrate this, Red Letter Dodge is giving our loyal readers an insider peak courtesy of the Viper team. Over the past few days, they were on hand at Conner Avenue, snapping rare behind-the-scenes footage of the assembly process – replete with some kickass video footage of the ACR-X001 up on the rolls.

On Monday, our friend Ed Garsten from the Chrysler LLC Blog, will be onsite with even more coverage of the entire Viper operation, including an exclusive interview with Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles. We’ll have all of Ed’s gold right here on Red Letter Dodge, so be sure to check back next week for the updates. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak preview!