Performance Computer Calibrations-Vipers

Started by DC_Performance, June 19, 2007, 02:33:12 PM

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Performance Computer Calibrations


DC Performance is one of the few companies that offer Viper performance computer upgrades. We thoroughly test all of our products and computer upgrades on our Dynojet model 224 chassis dyno. This ensures that you the customer get the most performance for your money. We offer standard, forced induction and custom calibrations.

We can supply recalibrated brand new controllers, or can recalibrate the controller that is already on your vehicle. Besides our standard flashes, we can help with any custom tuning that your car may need. DC Performance has experience working with just about every combination of parts and tuning systems that may be on your vehicle, and has the reputation for helping people make their cars run right, when other shops have given up.

*Note: all DC Performance computers and calibrations are for "Off Road Use Only"

* All calibrations require use of a 170-degree thermostat

* Base calibrations for your controller $600

1992-2002 RT/10 and GTS

Custom calibrations from your supplied dyno sheet
Air fuel optimized
Skip shift removed
Blower calibrations

2003-2006 SRT and SRT Coupe

Performance calibration
Optimized timing and fuel
Revised fan cycle
Improved mid-range power (15-25hp)

Race fuel calibration (100 unleaded)
Optimized timing and fuel
Skip shift removed
Revised fan cycle
Improved midrange power (25-40hp)

Blower/ Turbo calibrations

Custom calibrations for larger injectors

Calibrations from your supplied dyno sheets

Dynographs available:

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