Gen3 Rear Differential with 3:73 gears for $400 installed!

Started by ACPerformance, January 06, 2014, 02:51:19 PM

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A&C Performance is able to make a one-time offer of swapping out a complete rear differential in one of our customers' cars for your good 2003-2006 stock rear differential with 3:07 gears.

We have a very good customer that will be making close to 1000rwhp and the 3:73s have to go!. These gears were added by us here at our shop and is perfect with zero stories. This would be a one day swap for somebody interested and a chance to save some money and some downtime.
Normally this is closer to $1400 for parts and labor.

There is only differential available for the offer, and we are looking for the first person interested that can make an appointment to come up to the shop ASAP.

Give us a call.

$400 is a steal for somebody wanting this very popular modification.

1 (951) 696-0500

Mr. Fangs


This is a fantastic deal for someone. I passed the info on to Guy Chandler who might be interested.

If it would be any help, I have the stock 3:07 gear set that originally came in that 03 you bought from me. It is yours for free if it could be useful for you.

Paul & Teresa 09 Coupe