New Positraction unit for 2003-2010 Viper. Introduction price.

Started by Specialty Performance Team, February 27, 2012, 12:23:14 PM

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Specialty Performance Team

The Viper "Posi unit" has always been an area for improvement on all generation cars. The job of the posi is to apply power to both the rear wheels and to allow differences in wheel speed around corners. The better the posi the better the car grips and applies power to the wheels.

The most popular posi upgrades on the market are the "Quaife" and the "Superlock". Both these posi units apply power more evenly and precisely than the factory posi unit. These type of posi units keep the car going straight (instead of sideways) on hard acceleration and apply power more evenly around corners so you can accelerate harder out of turns.
Cars with higher than factory hp or cars used on the track often benefit most from this upgrade.

Well there is a new posi upgrade on the market for the 03-06 Viper. Its called a "Wavetrack" and has been used extensively in high performance European cars. Its an all gear drive posi like a Quaife, but has many advantages over a Quaife, especially in low traction conditions.

Here is the great news. Wavetrack has offered this upgrade for the first Viper customer at less than half the normal cost (about $1600). If anyone out there is interested. Please give me a call. Dan 310-841-6996