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I am trying to find a good Viper mechanic located in Orange County...the closer to Anaheim Hills the better.  Thanks for any suggestions.
I need to replace my battery in my 2009 Viper ACR. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
John Bennett +1 will be attending...and looking forward to it.
Steve, I have a family obligation which just arose. I am sorry that I cannot make it tomorrow. Have a great time!
John Bennett's car - 2009 ACR red/black.
John Bennett + 1 will attend...looking forward to it.
Great!! Looking forward to it. Confirming John Bennett + passenger.
General Viper Discussions / Re: Detailing & Washing
January 06, 2020, 08:44:53 AM
My nephew used to do that a few years has another job.  He still does detailing once in a while. He has detailed my 2008 ACR a number of times and always does a great job.  I have attached a picture of the car when he did it in 2018.  Let me know if you want his contact information -email: [email protected].
I am looking for more details on this event, as I am looking forward to it.  Where are we meeting for breakfast at 7:30am?  Is it at the Observatory or somewhere else?  Is there anybody coming from Orange County and want to meet somewhere in the OC to caravan to the breakfast?  Thanks..
Please add John Bennett +1.  Thanks.
Website News / Re: New Website Launch!
November 12, 2018, 06:49:17 AM
The new site looks GREAT!!!  Thanks for your hard work on this.
Please add John Bennett + 1.  Looking forward to it.
My grandchild information:  Jay Bennett, July 15, 1995.  See everybody tomorrow!
Please add John Bennett (March 10, 1948) and one of my grandchildren as attendees.  I just paid via PayPal.  I will send the full name and birth date for the grandchild as soon as we figure out which one.  I will be at Krispi Kreme Orange at 8:30.  Thanks, and looking forward to it.
Please add John Bennett +1.  I am looking forward to getting Ace out of the garage and seeing everybody!