DC Performance Product Feature: BBK 67mm Throttle Body

Started by Brandon@DC Performance, October 29, 2008, 02:45:43 PM

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Brandon@DC Performance


I have been hesitant in the past to include a bigger throttle body to our SRT builds. The single blade units now available provide peak power increases but suffer from poor low speed drivability and are prone to sticking. Ilmore marine started using them with good results, but they were testing at constant engine speeds; not very compatible for street use.

BBK's new throttle body is the best of both worlds, good low speed drivability and peak power increases. It's machined from 356-alloy aluminum and uses a twin blade design with a tapered inlet to promote better airflow at lower engine speeds. Twin 67mm blades and computer designed inlet and outlets improve flow by 25%. Another big benefit is that this is a direct bolt on. No changing throttle blades or linkages, its plug and play.

Power increases are consistent with the single blade throttle bodies, 10-12hp (as tested on Exotic Engine Development's engine dyno). Power under the curve is much better than the single blade units.

I have tried these on supercharged and normally aspirated SRT engines with good success. Smooth power delivery and good peak power.

In stock and ready to ship for $450.00

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP!

- Brandon @ DC Performance


I've been waiting for this one since I started bugging Kevin about it a couple of years ago.

Have one being installed on my 2006 SRTC today.

I'll give the group some feedback in a couple of weeks.

Dan  <2

Specialty Performance Team

We just made a buy in on these throttle bodys and can offer them at $399 while they last. We have 10 in stock.


Dan Cragin
DC Performance Inc.


Great product.  Great results on my SRT 2003.

Make sure they smooth out the butterflys so they don't stick when they heat up.  Easy fix.
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Ditto to what Bruce said.

Had to smooth the edges of the butterflys - now issue free.