Started by DEDLY4U, June 18, 2007, 08:56:36 PM

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For those of you in California that have had a Paxton supercharger installed, please let me know how you have been able to pass the "smog visual inspection".  I understand it's a two step process in that the vehicle has to pass the tail pipe smog test and the visual inspection.  Right now California is the only state not permiting the installation of superchargers. 

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.  <2


Hey Mike..........
Call Dan at DC Performance.  Guaranteed to have the CORRECT answers for you   310-841-6996  for more viper pictures


Thanks Lance,

I'm considering having Dan do his Stage 2 magic for rme.  However, he said it will pass the tail pipe smog inspection but not the visual inspection.  Paston is trying to get CA approval but don't have it yet.  I'm hoping to find a connection at a smog place before I do the conversion.