May 11, 2019 - USS Iowa

Started by PCH VIPER, March 23, 2019, 10:30:29 PM

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USS Iowa
May 11, 2019

We have made special arrangements for the Vipers to visit the USS Iowa which is located in San Pedro Harbor.  We will have our own Veteran tour guides to take us around the ship and learn about it's great history.

At the end of our tour, we will gather in the Enlisted Mess Hall for a buffet lunch.  We are making arrangements to do something very special.  For anyone that would like to "Sponsor a Veteran" for lunch, we will have an option to pay for an extra meal ( or two ).  Once we have the final count, the USS Iowa will reach out to its Veterans and invite them in to share the mess hall and have lunch with us.  It will be a very special way for us to do something directly for those that have served in our Military.

- USS Iowa Tour and lunch with the Veterans

-May 11, 2019
Time -  Arrive at 9:30   Tours begin at 10:00 am   Lunch served at noon

- $ 36.00 adult       $30.00 child 2-11       Sponsor a Veteran for lunch - $20.00 

-  Battleship Iowa   250 South Harbor Blvd   San Pedro  CA  90731

Register Here:


Lance & Lori    + 2 Vets
Rob & Cathy
Mike & Missy
Andy, Ann, Mariah & X-man + 2 Vets
Jeff & Jen      + 2 Vets
Eddie & Max   + 5 Vets
Ben & Lisa    + 1 Vet
Nick & Holly    +2 Vets
Jeff, Herb and Will
Angel & Azi   +5 Vets
Eddie & Judy + 10 Vets
Scott   +1 Vet
Shahar & Lea
Will & Skye    + 2 Vets
Gary & Ian    + 2 Vets
Rich & Hope   + 1 Vet
Nino   + 1 Vet  for more viper pictures


 8) Count Jen and me in for this cruise...and please put us down for sponsorship of 2 veterans.  Looking forward to this lot.

Fast Eddie

Banzai Ben

Ben and lisa will attend and sponsor a vet for lunch.
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Nick & Holly will come. Also we would like to sponsorship of 2 veterans .Thank you Lance


Count Jeff, Herb, and Will in.
Jeff Altman


Lance,I already purchased 4 tickets (2 for the veterans)Nick 


Thank you Nick.  Your payment was received and thank you for sponsoring 2 Veterans for lunch !  for more viper pictures


We have to turn in final headcount for tickets and lunch on Monday, so if you would like to attend, park your Viper alongside the USS Iowa and treat a Veteran to lunch - Please sign up before Monday.

If you are having problems with the registration link, please let us know or you can send PayPal directly to [email protected]

Adults are $36.00
Kids are $30.00
Sponsor a Veteran to lunch $20.00  for more viper pictures


Angel & Azi will be there plus 5 sponsored veterans. Thanks


Eddie and 1, my mother Judy will be there and I would love to sponsor 10 Veterans please.
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Gary will be attending with my nephew Ian who is in his High School ROTC program and can't wait to go.
Forget about the drive there in the Viper ...

Gary & Melissa


The tour of the USS Iowa was awesome.  So much history wrapped around this battleship. 

So glad to see everyone there.

  for more viper pictures