New gears for T6060

Started by Specialty Performance Team, October 28, 2013, 11:29:29 AM

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Specialty Performance Team

For those of you who have 2008-2010 Vipers or those who have fitted the later T6060 to your earlier year model viper. There are some close ratio 5th ad 6th (.80 and .63) gearsets available. This allows you to reach top speed in 6th instead of 5th and makes 6th gear much more user friendly. This change makes the upper gears more responsive, putting the engine in the better part of the torque range.

For those with the later T6060 (2009-10) that has the .80 5th gear, you can get just the lower 6th gear.

Installed price is about $1500, parts and labor with the better Syncromax fluid.

Feel Free to call:

Dan Cragin
Specialty Performance


That is great Dan !
I must say that my 6th gear is virtually useless.

What is the lead time on getting the gears and installation?
I want to bring my car in and get this done.  for more viper pictures

Specialty Performance Team

Your car would need both 5th and 6th gears. I have a set on order now. I am doing Bruce Conklin's car next and most likely will start next week. I could do yours the following week. I will send you an estimate shortly.

I think you will like this upgrade!



Thanks Dan !
I will tag team with Bruce to do the pick up /drop off.

I'm looking forward to having a much more useable 5th and 6th.  for more viper pictures


Hey Guys - I just picked up my car and couldn't be happier with the new .63 gear.  To give it perspective, I have the newest Tremec Gen IV transmission with the new 5th gear.  At 80 mph, I am turning 2,400+ RPM and now drop to 1,900 RPM+ in 6th (dropped to 1,500 RPM before).  This is a significant improvement.

6th gear is now relevant!!!  Also, with the new transmission fluid, the transmission and clutch shift so much more smoothly.

I recommend this improvement to all Gen III and Gen IV owners.  All those with pre-2010 transmissions, should change out 5th as well.

Feel free to call me if you want to discuss.  Bruce (EXHLR8N).
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PCH VIPER  for more viper pictures



Take me for a ride with the new gears!  I may be in as well!

Can we carpool to drop the cars off?



Hey Ted,
I will let you know when my car gets scheduled.  Parts are on order and I will likely take it to SPT early Dec.

I'm really looking forward to getting this done.
Talk to you soon.  for more viper pictures


Lance, how did the gear change go?
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I have been kinda preoccupied with other things and forgot to come back and post on this.

I took my ACR to Dan on a Monday and it was done on Friday.
I had the 5th and 6th gears changed out.  Since we were in there, I also had the clutch and related wear items replaced.

Clutch is extremely light, engages very smooth and feels great.
Driving in 5th and 6th is actually possible now.  My old 6th was near impossible to drive in.  Could be due to the excess drag from the ACR's wing, but I could not maintain speed in 6th gear.   Now I can actually accelerate in 6th, so it is a huge benefit.  5th gear is also better in that it puts me in a slightly higher rpm range and has more pull than before.

I am very happy with the upgrade and would have no issues recommending it.

Thanks Dan !!  for more viper pictures