General Forum Etiquette and Guidelines

Started by AlbertFattal, April 20, 2018, 08:34:52 PM

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The following are tips for interacting in this forum, adapted from guidelines originally compiled by AHA! and Chuq Von Rospach & Gene Spafford:

  • Stay on topic in existing forums and threads. Off-topic posts make it hard for other users to find information they need. Post in the most appropriate forum for your topic, and do not post the same thing in multiple forums.
  • Use the filters at the top of the forum page to find active, interesting content.
  • Upvote posts that are helpful and interesting.
  • Be civil. If you disagree, explain your position with respect and refrain from any and all personal attacks.
  • Stay on topic. In particular, don't change the subject in the middle of an existing thread – just start a new topic.
  • Make sure you're understood, even by non-native English speakers. Try to write full sentences, and avoid text-message abbreviations or slang. Be careful when you use humor and sarcasm as these messages are easy to misinterpret.
  • If asking a question, provide as much information as possible, what you've already considered, what you've already read, etc.
  • Cite appropriate references when using someone else's ideas, thoughts, or words.
  • Do not use a forum to promote your product, service, or business without permission.
  • Conclude posts by inviting other learners to extend the discussion. For example, you could say "I would love to understand what others think."
  • Do not post personal information about other posters in the forum.
  • Report spammers.

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