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    VCA Member's Christmas Party – December 4, 2010

    The Southern California Viper Club's annual Christmas party will be a VERY special event this year and one that we hope all members will attend.

    Petersen Automotive Museum
    6060 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036


    Cocktails  6:30
    Dinner  7:30

    We have a maximum head count of 140 people.  It is imperative that you register and sign up early well in advance of November 29th.

    Payments made by
      October 31st…..$100.00 per person

    Payments made after
      November 15th…..$125.00 per person

    R.S.V.P. by November 29th !


    We have reserved the entire first floor and will enjoy a delicious catered dinner in and amongst the beautiful collection of cars and exhibits.  

    Parking is $8.00 (paid at the time of arrival) and they have reserved the 3rd floor of the parking structure for our group.

    In addition… a private tour of the Vault has been arranged for those interested!  This is a rare opportunity as not too many people get to view this area of the museum.  Only 25 people may tour the Vault at one time and there will only be three tours.  Tour times will be at 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 PM and will be $20 per person payable upon arrival. If you’re interested please let us know ASAP as we need to fill the tours to offset costs. Tours will be handled on a first come first served basis.

    This party will also be the closing event for our current club President. We all know how much Dan and Cathy have done for our club and they deserve a huge THANK YOU !  

    Your commitment to attend this event will show them how much we appreciate all that they have done over the last 4 years.  

    It will also be a great way to welcome in our new Club President, Lance Kouchi, and ensure that our club will continue to be the best car club in the Nation.




    Registered Attendees

    Alker, Ken & Bruce
    Arguelles, Eddie & Gladys
    Aronian, Yosi & Mickey
    Badum, Steve & Lynda
    Bagshaw, Bill & Carol
    Baxter, Greg & Melanie
    Begin, Randy & Sue
    Belvedere, Gary & Melissa
    Belvedere, Jake & Shawnae'
    Borecki, Steven & Carol
    Bucci, Ray & Debbie
    Buckingham, Mike & Diann
    Burke; Ron & Mary
    Calderon, Angel & Narine
    Cappellano; Tony & Sherry
    Cappellano; Nick
    Casey, Sean & Theresa
    Chrisman, Dave & Lisa
    Conklin, Bruce & Grace
    Cragin, Dan & Lyle
    Cragin, Dan & Shirley
    Dauphine, George & Diane
    Fattal, Albert
    Fuchs, John & Robyn
    Fujita; Mike & Yoko
    Glass, Ron & Marian
    Greenberg, Michael & Mary
    Greenberg, Donald & Mike Jr.
    Guerrero, Demoe & Laura
    Hirko, Scott & Laura
    Hoard, Hugh & Sherry
    Hu, Michael & Alejandra
    Izard, Glenn & Stephanie
    Johnson, Eric & Kathie
    Kawata, Ben & Mikey
    Keating, Walter
    Kenehan, Jim & Judy
    Keo, Peter & Pheap
    Kouchi, Lance & Lori
    Larson, Joel & Madona
    Matranga, Anthony & Wanda
    McClendon, Darryl & Dianne
    McIntyre, Ray & Linda
    Palkovic, Richard & Charlene
    Pena, Art & Cynthia
    Pennington, Scott & Diane
    Purcell, Ted & Mira
    Reinsma, Eddie & Michelle
    Roessler, Jeff & Jen
    Rossi, Terry & Jane
    Rupp, Dan & Mayo
    Sial, Kobi & Angelica
    Sinkinson, Mike & Cheryl
    Sippel; Bill & Rene
    Straumann, Rolf & June
    Sulpizio, Ron & Patsy
    Tribolet, Diane & Randy
    Valdes, Juan & Becky
    Valmassoi, Nino & Ruth Day
    Vaswani, Michael & Melanie
    von Quilich, Michael & Virginia
    Wilson, Ray & Stacey
    Wilson, Scott & Pat
    Winters, Paul & Pam

    Vault Tour 1   5:30 departure:      
    1:  Eddie R.
    2:  Michelle R.
    3:  Hugh H.
    4:  Ben K.
    5:  Mikey K.
    6:  Glenn I
    7:  Stephanie I.
    8:  Mike G.
    9:  Mary G.
    10:  Michael V.
    11:  Melanie V.
    12:  Joel L.
    13:  Madona L.
    14:  Ron G.
    15:  Marion G.
    16:  Ray W.
    17:  Stacey W.
    18:  Darryl M
    19:  Dianne M.
    20:  Mike S.
    21:  Cheryl S.
    22:  Peter K.
    23:  Pheap K.
    24:  Steve B.
    25:  Lynda B.
    Vault Tour 2   6:00 departure:  
    1:  Jeff R.
    2:  Jen H.
    3:  Randy B.
    4:  Sue B.
    5:  Kobi S.
    6:  Angelica S.
    7:  Nino V
    8:  Ruth
    9:  Anthony M
    10:  Bruce C.
    11:  Yosi A.
    12:  Mickey A.
    13:  Juan V.
    14:  Becky V.
    15:  Jim K
    16:  Judy K.
    17:  Gary B.
    18:  Melissa B.
    19:  Jake B.
    20:  Shawnae B.
    21:  Ray B
    22:  Scott P.
    23  Diane P.
    24:  Sean C.
    25:  Theresa C.

    Vault Tour 3   6:30 Departure:  
    1:  Ken A.
    2:  Bruce A.
    3:  George D.
    4:  Diane D.
    5:  Ron B.
    6:  Dan C.
    7:  Theresa C.
    8:  Angel C.
    9:  Narine
    10:  Mike B.
    11:  Tony C.
    12:  Sherry C.
    13:  Dan R.
    14:  Mayo R.
    15:  Michael H.
    16:  Ale H.
    17:  Mike F.
    18:  Yoko F.
    19:  Steven B.
    20:  Demoe G.
    21:  Laura G.
    22:  Richard P.
    23:  Charlene P.
    24:  Rolf S.
    25:  June S.

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