2013 Dodge Viper testing is under way

By GREG MIGLIORE on 4/15/2011

Dodge boss Ralph Gilles made an interesting comment at the Chicago auto show. Dressed in a black blazer and a “made in Detroit” T-shirt, he cracked, “My Dodge Viper is in training for the supercar Olympics. It’s gone for a couple of years.”

That’s more than a glib comment. And Chrysler again confirmed on Friday that the Viper will return late next year. A press release said testing is under way, “for the supercar Olympics,” and a 2010 chassis is being used for development purposes.

But purists may cringe at this nugget of news: Chrysler said stability control will be used for the first time on the next generation of the Viper.

The Viper went out of production last year after an 18-year run during which it was largely unchanged. But it remained a favorite of enthusiasts with its racing-bred styling and 600-hp V10.

The next car is expected to include Italian flair with American chutzpah. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne closed a dealer presentation last fall with the reveal of a concept Viper, which several sources told AutoWeek carried an Italian theme.

2 thoughts on “2013 Dodge Viper testing is under way

  1. autoejukeytur

    The new more aggressive and traditional design Dodge Viper with the beast engine will be more sportier and is going to amaze high performance car drivers like anything. I am awaiting to see the exact designs and specifications.

  2. Viper 600

    I hope dodge stays with the current 2010 desine and not with the ugley afoamao desine.The viper needs to loose some weight , aluminum frame.

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