Author Topic: GENERATION 1,2, 3&4 PARTS FOR SALE  (Read 85 times)

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« on: February 11, 2018, 09:10:04 AM »
Cleaning out garage and selling some viper parts to fund my comp coupe.

I've listed a number of parts on the VOA and ebay (you can see pictures there).

Let me know if your interested, I'll take 8% off the listed prices below to anyone locally or who don't need shipping and paying cash, 5% off if using pay-pal with a credit card..

Best way to reach me is via my personal email.  If you see a part listed below, then its still for sale.
thanks!!  Mike

Here's the items and list prices before discounts;

-  OEM  Soft Top and carry bag for a Generation 2 (1997-2002) RT/10   $1,700
(Top is mint, never been on a car)

-  OEM  Tonneau Cover w/bag for a Generation 2 RT/10  $250.00
(Mint condition, never used)

-  OEM  Drivers side headlight Generation 3&4 (2003-2010)  $525.00
(Really nice!)

-  OEM Passenger side headlight Generation 3&4  $245
(works fine, all bulbs included, has cracked lens, exterior housing is perfect, fix or just for the parts)

- - OEM Hood Generation 3 & 4 $250
(Used, from my '06 coupe Red w/factory silver stripes, great condition)

-  OEM  Convertible Deck Lid Generation 3 & 4  $350.00
(New, in primer, slight damage on the leading edges)

-  OEM Ported Cylinder heads Generation 1  $1500
(Will add 50-80 hp depending on cam, Dan Cragin just had them checked out, no exchange needed)

Custom Seat Brackets for a racing seat  Generation 3 & 4  $60.00
(Custom made, allows you to put an aftermarket seat in the factory mounting holes)
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Is everyone getting a comp coupe. WHAT