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Upcoming Events / Re: SPT Car Show BB-Q Open House
« Last post by mark1107 on Yesterday at 03:58:01 PM »
Now that we moved to the ocean and my family is settled, I will be there too!
Upcoming Events / Re: San Diego Cars and Coffee Saturday May 13, 2017
« Last post by 1HOTV10 on June 19, 2017, 11:20:38 AM »
General Viper Discussions / Re: VOA Helping Viper return to Nurburgring
« Last post by 1HOTV10 on June 16, 2017, 05:25:28 AM »

Prefix Corporation Joins Effort to Take Viper
Back to Germany’s Famous Nürburgring
Some would think this effort makes no sense… But then, you learn about the amazing passion behind this final attempt.

(Rochester Hills, MI) - - Throughout the Automotive and Aviation business, Michigan based, Prefix is typically known as the company that industry manufacturers partner with, to bring their new de-signs to life. Utilizing their wide-ranging capabilities, the Prefix team creates the most technologi-cally advanced concept vehicles and prototypes in the industry. From concept luxury cars and business jets, and even spaceships seen in Hollywood films.

However, to hard-core Viper enthusiasts, Prefix is best known as the place where all current Vipers are meticulously hand-painted. At their Auburn Hills facility, every Viper receives a labor-intensive paint and finishing process typically reserved for custom show cars. Additionally, Prefix dyno-tests every massive Viper V-10 engine prior to installation, and their interior trim department even provides custom luxury interiors to those who want something truly one-of-a-kind.

So, when Dodge announced that this summer production of the Viper® would come to an end, Prefix and many within the Viper community desired a way to send-off the Viper with a loud V-10 roar. “The logistics and expense involved to take on this challenge are enormous!” exclaimed event organizer, Russ Oasis. “We really appreciate everyone involved in supporting the effort and making this happen.” Next month, Prefix Corporation, Kumho Tire USA, The Viper Exchange, BJ Motors, and an exceedingly passionate group of Viper enthusiasts will return to Germany, at-tempting to take back the Nürburgring record with a production fifth generation Viper ACR Ex-treme.

The challenging 13 mile race track that circles the small village of Nürburg, or… “The Ring” as it is affectionately known to gear heads around the globe, can arguably be considered the ultimate in bragging rights, when completing a lap in record time. In 2011, the Viper captured that record with the fastest production car lap. The production car record is currently held by a Lamborghini Hura-cán Performante, although many in the automotive world dispute the Lamborghini’s time and feel that the Porsche 918 is the rightful owner of the current record. This Viper group believes taking back the record from all contenders would be a great way to celebrate the car’s impressive run as America’s Supercar.

“Prefix has a long history with the Viper and with the many Viper club members around the world.” explained Prefix Sales & Marketing Director, Jhan Dolphin. “This is a huge challenge, but regardless of the outcome, supporting this effort is a great way to celebrate the car and our passion-ate friends who drive them.”

No one can deny the Viper’s performance capability, with a previous Nürburgring record and cur-rently holding track records at 13 different U.S. racetracks. So why bother? When you speak to those involved, it is clear that this 2017 effort is purely about automotive passion. For additional information on Prefix, visit:
Upcoming Events / Re: Viper Challenge Autocross Sunday June 11, 2017
« Last post by Jay M on June 12, 2017, 07:03:42 PM »
I do hope the July day will be a Saturday! 

Upcoming Events / Re: Viper Challenge Autocross Sunday June 11, 2017
« Last post by HISSSN1 on June 12, 2017, 03:09:07 PM »
Awesome job VIPERS, A.K.A vette killers. I will come out in July.
Upcoming Events / Re: SPT Car Show BB-Q Open House
« Last post by Speedtactics on June 12, 2017, 12:43:07 PM »
I will be there!
Upcoming Events / Re: Viper Challenge Autocross Sunday June 11, 2017
« Last post by Speedtactics on June 12, 2017, 12:42:15 PM »
Vipers rule  :o
Upcoming Events / Re: Viper Challenge Autocross Sunday June 11, 2017
« Last post by 1HOTV10 on June 12, 2017, 12:10:04 PM »
Ben had the best time of the day modified. See below. Donald had the fastest time in the Viper Class 32.9 Mike was second and Tom third.  Scott's time was 32.9 in the modified class. Good job!
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